Happy New Year

Good grief Charlie Brown… the holidays are finally over. Thank God. Here we are at the top of another year.

This last one was not so bad. Kristin and I closed on our new pad, moving into a spacious two bedroom from our ultra cramped studio. I still find myself sometimes pacing from one end to the other, still in disbelief that we have this much room now.

We finally got to take our family vacation in August—out to Wisconsin to see Kristin’s parents and spend time with family. It was a great time. Critical issues and scheduling threatened; but it all worked out—and in the words of somebody, somewhere, a long time ago; a great time was had by all.

Work changed radically for both of us. Kristin left an increasingly miserable job behind for a new job she is really happy with, working with other happy people, learning new things and getting a chance to spread her wings a bit more.

Things where I work changed radically this past year. It began with the departure of our old CTO, and the entrance of a new CTO. Soon afterward a steam pipe exploded in the street outside our building. Then, we lost cooling in our data room necessitating the shut down of all our servers. There was no access to the  building for nearly two weeks, as many shattered windows spew glass, mud, and unknown substances into the exterior offices. With a new CTO and my boss on vacation, I really had a lot on my plate putting contingency options and plans in place, utilizing off-site tape and the services of a data center in New Jersey. My boss was on vacation at the time; but tensions between him and the new CTO had been mounting prior to all of this. To make a long story short, I have a new boss and a new CTO. I’m very happy at my job. I truly like everyone I work with. I enjoy what I do. This, is a true blessing.

My son entered high school (the same one I graduated from), and my daughter entered junior high. It was a year of change to be sure. Norma is consistently on the high honor role, and Alex has gained a great deal of confidence in himself and has established a sound start down the winding road and over jagged peaks of adolescence. I’m so wonderfully proud of both my children.

Personally, winter is a rough time of year for me. Having fought the great demons of depression and mood volatility since my own adolescence, winter and the holidays always bring a special challenge. I’ve learned to ignore them by and large—but this to the dismay of those near and dear who enjoy being, ‘in the spirit’. I’m not sure exactly what it is—the dark days, the cold, the expectations… but it can be a challenging time to keep my head above water. I’m older. I’m more mature. I’ve learned the meaning of the phrase, ‘get over yourself’. But, there are those times when black turns white, up turns down, and everything is inside out. This darkness begets more darkness and it tumbles; accelerating out of control. Fortunately I’ve been spared the full onslaught so far and I’m holding on. Life is good—and everything is going to be all right.

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