I’ve been thinking a lot about numbers lately…

(distances and speeds change depending on various condidtions. These are averages.)

Speed of Light = 186,282 miles a second

Speed of Sound = about .2 miles per second

Distance to the Sun = 93 million miles

One way trip for a bit of sunlight to the planet Earth = 8 minutes, 20 seconds

Sound can’t travel in space, but if it could it would take 13.8 YEARS to go that distance in an Earth-like environment

Distance to the moon = 239,000 miles

One way trip for a bit of moonlight to twinkle in your eye = a little bit over 1 and 1/4 seconds.

If sound could travel from the moon it would take about 13 DAYS to travel the same distance in a Earth-like environment.

Time it takes two computers on the Internet to say ‘hello’ – (tcp/ip, speed of light minus latencies caused by physical hardware):

New York to London – about .08 seconds

New York to California – about .08 seconds

New York to Hong Kong – about .240seconds

Speed of nerve impulses in your body:

The speed of nerve impulses is highly variable – between 2 feet to 400 feet per second. Note that electrical signals on a piece of wire travel at near light speed, or 982 MILLION feet per second.

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